Firewood Log Rack Cover


The Hybrid Covers heavy duty log rack cover is designed to keep your firewood dry and ready to burn all year long.  Never deal with soggy firewood again!

Made from high-quality durable fabric that will hold up year-after-year, our waterproof cover protects your firewood logs, prevents rotting, through every season.

Khaki green cover color looks attractive on any deck or porch.

At Hybrid Covers, we’ve selected the best materials for our all-weather covers to provide superior protection.  We carefully analyze feedback to design you the highest quality covers.

With a Hybrid Cover, you can feel confident that your firewood log rack will be protected and ready to use, year-after-year.

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Product Description

All weather outdoor log rack cover measures 96” long x 24” wide x 42” high; Made of highly durable Polyester waterproof fabric.

The waterproof, tear resistant and UV protective material, fully protects your firewood from dust, dirt, rain, wind, sun, snow, birds, mold, and nesting by rodents.

Sturdy Velcro closures provide easy access to firewood, loading of logs, and cover closure; Keep your firewood dry and ready to burn; Never deal with soggy firewood again.

Convenient drawstring cord with cord lock tightens the cover around log rack for a snug, secure fit; Adjustable Velcro straps secure the cover to the feet and sides of your log rack.

This 8 ft Universal full-length log rack cover is designed to fit all firewood log racks that measure 96” long x 24” wide x 42” high including Landmann USA, Panacea, Woodhaven, ShelterLogic, Pleasant Hearth and more.

Our Customers

At Hybrid Covers, we spend our time understanding what our customers require and what the best materials are available to design our products. We carefully analyze the feedback that is given and come up with solutions that best address the customers needs.

Money Back Guaranteed

Our products are Money back Guaranteed! We strive for customer satisfaction and we mean it! If you don’t believe our Firewood Log Rack Cover has performed as it should please contact us and we’ll gladly refund it. Feel free to let us know what improvements we can make as it helps us build better products.

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Here is what some of our customers are saying

This FINALLY keeps the wood dry and protected. It’s unfortunate that this didn’t come with the rack to begin with, as the original one was useless (wasn’t even long enough to stay on!).” C.P.
“awesome cover, great price and much more durable than the last one.” Chriso
“I bought my 8ft. rack from Home Depot and this cover fit perfectly! Love the tie down Velcro and access to the wood is great. “
“Great cover and shipment received the same day. Well worth it.” Michael Harris


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