Equipment maintenance in the wintertime can be a real hassle and you don’t want to have to keep buying expensive equipment each time winter or summer rolls around. If you don’t have the storage capacity to take care of your equipment inside of a sealed-off facility, then you can use equipment covers from Hybrid Covers to get the job done.

Remember a time when you simply went down to your local repair shop and get your equipment fixed? This is no longer necessary because our hybrid tech-driven covers will protect your belongings every winter, every spring, every summer and every autumn. If you register your product with us when you buy your cover, you can get our warranty backed by high-quality customer service (the kind of customer service you received at your local repair shop).

Maintaining Your Lawn Mower


Winter is especially brutal on anything that spins, such as wheels, air conditioner fans, and lawn mower blades.

Rusty Lawn Mower Blades. Replacing lawn mower blades can be both expensive and dangerous. This is not to even mention the time and effort (and care) it takes to replace the blades. Instead, keep the blades you have and simply protect them more effectively with our covers.

Rusty Wheel Axles. Wheels can be even harder to replace than mower blades. Wheels are also on the outside of the lawn mower, making them more exposed to the winter weather. Our lawn mower covers cover the entire mower, not just a general outline of your machine. Our products are specifically stitched for cold weather and our fabric is made from the hybrid material, which brings the magic of high-tech to your low-tech maintenance needs.

Protecting the Engine. If you already have some difficulty in starting your lawn mower, getting the engine to crank, turning it over, etc. then you can imagine how much harder it will be after being stored in a cold shed for the winter! Instead, look us up. Our hybrid fabric is specially designed to make sure that cold, wet, rusty factors cannot touch your precious machinery. Try going a whole winter without needing to repair your equipment and see how much better that feels.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner


Air conditioners, while being used in summer, still need to be maintained and weather-proofed in winter.

Mechanical Parts. The part which is the most susceptible in the wintertime is the fan. The fan is difficult to replace, requires a specific setup to work properly, and can easily rust. Rusting creates friction, creating heat and more electricity used to power it. Rust also creates a sound problem as the metal no longer has as much fluid movement. An air conditioner cover would be the perfect solution.


-Electrical Parts. If your air conditioner is easily removable, you may be able to store it in your garage until spring. However, if it is not easily detached and you would like to keep it on your window, you’ll need to make sure that all of the electrical parts are still protecting from mice, birds, cracking, splitting, etc. An air conditioner cover from us would fit your unit perfectly, whether you detach it or keep it where it is.

Maintaining Your Snow Thrower


Snow blowers are wonderful and keep your drives and walkways clear. They are not winter-proof, however! A snow thrower cover from us will still need to be used.

Single and Dual Stage Models. Snow blowers come in two models: single stage and dual stage models. It doesn’t matter how small and petite or how large and complex your particular model is (we understand having the biggest and best tools around, after all), we can cover it. All of our covers for your thrower have a large size capacity, draping capability, and easily fit over even the biggest machines. If you live up north, of course, you’ll want to get the best equipment around. With a snow thrower cover from our product line, you can keep it and use it year after year.

Keeping Your Firewood Logs Dry


Firewood is essential for any northern home or any home which is in an area of extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or severe thunderstorms. You never know when the power may go out or some ice might take down a random power line which you depend on. Especially if you live in a rural area where you fend for yourself most of the time, you will need a firewood log cover and plenty of logs to go underneath it.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Warm. The cost of heating can be atrocious, especially if you live in an old, drafty house which cannot be sealed off very easily. Instead of spending all of your money on an incredibly high heating bill, you can get your needs met through your old-fashioned fireplace or a nice, space-saving woodstove that you install yourself. Make sure the woodstove is big enough, though! The inside is often deceptively smaller than the outside appearance. Bring logs when you purchase one to get the right size for your home.

No Smoking from Wet Wood. Wet wood is the worst when it comes to heating your home. There is a lot of smoking which clouds up your living space and makes the air unbreathable. Your firewood log rack cover will be invaluable then. Additionally, the smell of burnt wood will be atrocious because wet wood always has a very strong smell. Keep your logs high and dry (and easy to get to) with a velcro-sealed firewood log rack cover from our store.

Register your cover with us as soon as you have purchased your product either from us directly or from Amazon. We will make sure that your warranty is in place, send you email updates, and be standing by with pride, care and attention for any needs you may have with your equipment cover. Our company may not be old and weathered, but it still has the same old-fashioned customer service values of the classic companies we all know and love.

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