While you put away Summer clothes and take out the Winter outfits, do the same for your yard by preparing thoroughly. The work you do now will make easing into Spring quicker and less difficult. Get your yard ready for maintenance, cleaning, storage and covers for outdoor furniture and equipment.


A yard’s first greeting is given by the luscious green grass. To keep the yard beautiful and fresh as Winter approaches and sucks the life out of it, it is important to prepare. The main focus is getting as much sunlight as possible to the roots.

As the days get shorter, there is less of it to go around. Maximize the sunlight by cutting the grass as low as possible. This will allow more to get through. When trimming your grass down, Popular Mechanics warns that you should only change the height ⅓ at a time or you risk damaging it.

Another way to get more sunlight through is to take care of the leaves. Wet, sticky, Fall leaves can suffocate the grass and become a fertile landscape for fungus. It is necessary to rake them away. If you have a large yard, it might be time to purchase a tow behind lawn sweeper to take care of the fallen leaves. Adding another piece of equipment may not leave room for storage. That isn’t a problem though, since there are many high-quality covers available for outdoor storage.


To prevent the frustration of Spring clean up caused by faulty tools and equipment, a little Winter preparation goes a long way. Everything should be cleaned and maintained before the cold of the season settles in.

Garden tools should be cleaned and stored. Get any remaining dirt and debris off of them and lubricate them to keep them from drying out. Home and Garden Television recommends oiling both wood and metal surfaces with linseed and WD-40 to keep them fresh.

Other outdoor equipment such as grills should get the same treatment. They should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained before storage. Grills specifically should be seasoned and cleaned without water before being put away if they will not be used again until the warmer weather arrives. If grills will bare the cold to provide delicious meals, then they need a cover to protect them.

Protecting outdoor equipment is essential during the Winter months. Some of it cannot be stored due to it’s function, or the amount of space in the garage. Use custom-fitted products for the best results. Some permanent outdoor equipment preparation includes an air conditioner cover, and pool pump covers.


The equipment that isn’t going to be left outside should be stored properly. Make sure it is in a dry place. Moisture speeds up the process of oxidization and leads to unsightly and mechanically unsound rust. Remove any dirt or other organic materials and make any repairs necessary before stowing it away.

For mechanical equipment, like the lawn mower, other steps need to be taken as well. Empty all of the gas from the tank and lines. Make sure any moving pieces are well lubricated with grease and top off the oil. The same is true whether it is going in the garage or being stored outside with a fitted lawn mower cover.

Patio furniture can be stored in the garage or outside as well. It should get the same attention and care with a good cleaning and tune-up to prepare for Winter. Check to make sure all of the screws, bolts, and nuts are tightened. Replace any that are missing and keep metal surfaces shiny by oiling them before storing. Outdoor furniture covers can protect individual pieces, or you can find a patio cover to store sets together.

Put in the work to prepare now so you can jump right back into the swing of things when Spring comes in just a few short months.

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